Friday, September 6, 2013

Ep. 124: Saved by the Bell 5

It's a celebration! We're back to watching everyone's favorite childhood show, Saved by the Bell! Kevin from JFD is here to help as we tackle the first part of Season 5 (according to Netflix. It's really Season 4, not counting that Miss Bliss crap).

We find out how Slater wastes his money, what will drive Jessie to commit murder, Screech visits the High Nerd who gives him some real Bro-Advice, Zack adopts some pet homeless people, does Lisa get murdered? (hint: no), and what could drive two tight bros to fight? We also learn about Gay Chicken.

We'll conclude this season in 2 weeks! So come back for that! Or just subscribe on iTunes. Next week on the show, Shelby Cobras will be here to conclude the @SawFan666 Challenge and discuss Saw VII!

Music: "Friends Forever" by Zack Attack

Donloyd Here if you lose your humanity when you're homeless.

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