Friday, August 9, 2013

Ep. 120: We're Not Cops

It's just Frisbie and Parker this week. Firstly, we clear the air and address some internet rumors about us. Frisbie Gets Mail. Parker has watched nine James Bond movies in 4 days. We discuss how Frisbie and James Bond's trips to Japan were differently racist. We wonder which kinds of sexism are the worst. We learn that the best way to defeat Sumo dudes is to grip the buttocks, we discuss foxy Bond girls. So much gentlemen talk.

In the Lightning Round, a judge bans a man from having sex and probably some other stuff, too.

Music: "Xanax, Cocaine And Marijuana" by Mr. Unstable and The Creepy NSA Guy

Also, this Sunday, Parker will be calling into the Illogical Contraption show. So listen in! Or at least donloyd the podcast later.

Donloyd Here if you can hook us up with 4 units of drugs.

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