Friday, June 28, 2013

Ep. 114: A Distant Third

This week, we start off by talking about the pussy. Then, Frisbie's real heated and sad. He reads some iTunes reviews of the show, which get him even more heated and sad. Then, Jordan from Olympic Artichoke sticks his finger in the air so Frisbie can see where he's at and this personal email prompts another visit from the Creepy NSA guy who has a deep, meaningful conversation with Frisbie. Then we talk about joke Oscars and why James Franco sucks.

Don't forget! Parker and Frisbie host this week's Badland Girls and Frisbie will be on next week's Rotten Rantings! Check those episodes out!

Music: "Pussy Song" by L Solo

Donloyd Here if you're thinking about pussy.

Please leave us a rating or review on iTunes that mentions who you prefer: Muhammad or Frisbie.

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