Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ep. 78: The Golden Period

What the… TWO rounds of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”?! It’s an entire episode of judging new TV shows and ol’ US Presidents in this week’s Pool Party, with special guest, Aaron Keith Harris!

Parker and Frisbabe catch up with Aaron since his last visit many moons ago on our Saved by the Bell Season 1 recap (PPR Ep. 10 – Check it out!), and Mr. Harris talks about the filming of his new documentary, Of By For.

The first in our double deuce of GBU introduces the disappointing tidal wave of schlocky Fall TV premiers. Parker remains hopeful for Monkey Surgeon, while Aaron finds promise in Single Female Doctor. The new intern also chimes in loudly with his thoughts.

The second bout has the gang picking the best, worst, and weirdest from the catalog of the POTUS. True feelings are revealed, friendships are tested, and everyone pretty much gets back to normal under the agreement that there have been some fairly gross looking/acting presidents.

Music: "George Washington" by Brad Neely

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