Friday, February 3, 2012

Ep. 43: The Hideous Frog Man

We're joined by our ol' buddy Spex this week. We learn things about how much coffee is too much coffee, the dumb things British people buy and the trend of making everyone on tv retarded. Then, we play the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with things that are on Netflix instant RIGHT NOW! We also talk about killing frogs and werewolves.

The Lightning Round includes plans for an atheist temple, Joe Rogan's donkey semen and the nerd controversy surrounding the new Watchmen. Laughs are shared and names are dropped. Enjoy.

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Music: "A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To" by Melt Banana

Fear is not a Factor when you download this Mp3.

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  1. Mirsky. That's the name I was thinking of. It's short for his full name, David Mirsky.