Friday, January 13, 2012

Ep. 40: Adolphus Greely

We're joined by Jeremy Morrison (of Acid Pop Cult, Showtime's "Look" and other stuff) for a huge episode full slasher worship. We talk to Jeremy about making tv shows, his nude scene, how shitty Dexter got, his podcast and lots of other stuff. We learn about cannibals, tumblr boobs and Frisbie might be a wizard.

Then we do The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with memorable kills from the Friday the 13th series (cuz we love murder). Also, Parker's upset that soon everyone under the age of 35 will have to ride in a car seat and we discuss the man known as "poop dick." Frisbie gets some Dead Pool mail and Parker finally reviews the Chyna porn movie. That's at the VERY end, though, because we wanted to make it optional because it's gross and it made Frisbie really sad.

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