Friday, August 5, 2011

Ep. 18: In Order to Reach These Kids...

This week we're joined by Aaron Larson, a man who was literally written the book on co-host Jason Frisbie. Though, by "book," I mean "blog." We discuss Frisbie's road rage, Troll 2 and those Coast to Coast AM freaks. We also play a few more rounds of Truth or Dare and learn embarrassing things about Aaron and Parker.

Then we discuss track #1 of a hypothetical road trip mix CD on this week's Good, the Bad & the Ugly segment. And this week's Lightning Round includes crummy Chicago laws, Vonnegut being banned from schools and Morrissey's dumb vegetarian outbursts.

Check out Aaron's blog about Frisbie at

Music: “Freegan” by Bigwig, “Radar Love” by Ministry

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