Friday, July 22, 2011

Ep. 16: Night Terrors

We're joined by Mike from Kissing Contest this week as we all take an empathy test to find out who's the biggest ghoul. We also talk about dissecting cats and stuff.

The lightning round is full of serial killer celebrities, insane gothic boxing celebrities, reality show murder and the old timey-est security guard in San Francisco.

Also, Jason takes up Parker's challenge to go to a haunted antique shop... with anticlimactic results. Mike tries to soothe Parker's fear of ghosts and only serves to give him even more terrifying dread. And we play Party Purgatory!

Music: “Playful Grin vs. Knowing Smile” by Stunt Rock

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1 comment:

  1. Since when is it "bad" for a guy to be "too" empathetic? Being empathetic doesn't make a guy a "sissy," although that sounds like another jab at female stereotypes. C'mon, PPR.

    Also, I went with Jason to find the spooky antique place and alas it did not exist. I was disappointed.

    And take it easy on Cincinnati. At least we aren't Cleveland.